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When seconds can mean lives, the Hexpuck provides situational awareness during the crucial first minute of arrival at an incident scene. By using revolutionary “finger safe” Puck motor technology, the Hexpuck requires no on-scene preparation and thus provides the first true, rapid “stow and go” capability.

The Hexpuck system is specifically designed to solve the on-demand, personal-scale situational awareness / aerial reconnaissance problem. Long range and high-latency aerial reconnaissance have long been provided by expensive and complex manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. However, a vast array of commercial and public safety problems demand safe, rapid, and high-availability solutions on personal reconnaissance scales (0-400ft / 0-100m). With motor blades completely enclosed and an easy-to-use UI, the Hexpuck has been designed from the ground-up to provide a revolutionary solution to the unmet challenges of rapid, personal-scale reconnaissance.

Ashima Devices’ team applies the technology of spacecraft exploration to real-world problems.

J. Gregg Whittaker, PhD


Gregg is a former Chase head of department with extensive experience in start-up financing.

Ian J. McEwan

Chief Technical Officer

Ian is a technologist with years of experience in commercial and spacecraft systems design and engineering.

Larry B. Lambert

Larry is a former member of the US special forces with national intelligence and law enforcement experience.


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