Ashima Devices’ team applies the technology of spacecraft exploration to real-world problems.

Mark I. Richardson, PhD


Mark is a former Caltech faculty with two decades’ of experience in planetary science and spacecraft exploration.

Larry B. Lambert

Vice President

Larry is a former member of the US special forces with national intelligence and law enforcement experience.

Christopher Lee, PhD

Chief Operations Officer

Christopher is a physicist and strategist with a background in NASA research programs who oversees internal operations and R&D.

Ian J. McEwan

Chief Technical Officer

Ian is a technologist with years of experience in commercial and spacecraft systems design and engineering.

J. Gregg Whittaker, PhD

Chief Financial Officer

Gregg is a former Chase head of department with extensive experience in start-up financing.

Yuan Lian, PhD

Chief Production Officer

Yuan has a background in aeronautical engineering and spacecraft exploration and is responsible for product manufacturing.